Because each trinderella item is created from a multitude of different fabrics and fabulous salvaged materials there will occasionally be tiny imperfections. These are part of the character of these wonderful old relics, which have been reborn into your new, unique piece. 

I recommend the kindest of care. Many of the ties are vintage, many are silk, and the linings vary from silk to taffetta and everything in between. Therefore treat each piece with the respect you would show a delicate friend. They should always be dry cleaned- afterall this was the instruction on most of the finer ties originally.

To make them soft and sexy and give them a lush character I don't often use really hard, stiff bases in the bags. This means if you overstuff your bag or fill it with really heavy things (e.g full waterbottles) you might just drag it out of shape. So to keep a gorgeous, small handbag looking spectacular and shapely please don't treat her like a cheap, tough carry all. 

Love your trinderella piece well and she'll give you years of pleasure and a unique look that will never go out of style. 

.... a delicate friend with a strong character.