Brown Burnt Orange Skirt (CTP8961)

waist: 85cm   hips: up to 116   length: 50cm 

$185 AUD

 Brown Geometric Skirt (CTP 8967)

waist: 98cm   hips: up to 112   length: 43cm

$185 AUD

 Brown Orange Paisley Skirt (CTP8975)

waist: 87cm   hips: up to 110cm    length:49cm

$185 AUD

Brown Rust Band Skirt (CTP 8964)

waist: 90cm    hips: up to 116cm   length: 43cm

$185 AUD

Orange/Brown Cheque Skirt (CTP 8927) 

waist: 79cm   hips: up to 102cm   length: 46cm

$185 AUD

LONG Brown Skirt (CTP8986)

waist: 87cm  hips: up to 106cm length: 65cm 

$205 AUD  

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